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» About

Winmail.dat Reader v1.2.15
Copyright 2021 © Winmail.dat Reader

Winmail.dat Reader is a freeware application developed in Delphi 2006 and then compiled in Delphi 6. For the moment, it uses the following open source components:

» System Requirements

The application should run in any Windows 32-bit operational system.

If you are facing any problems, please contact us.

» Version history

2011-12-24 / 1.2.15
Added Romanian language.

2011-12-02 / 1.2.14
Added Hungarian language.
Fordtotta: ethanole (Translated by ethanole)

2011-11-28 / 1.2.13
Added German language.
Made advertisement optional

2006-02-20 / 1.1.11
Added the save all option.
The text of the message may also be saved.
Corrected Access Violation when clicking the text of the message
Corrected the MapiUninitialize error at the program launch

2006-02-11 / 1.1.8
No longer needs the Mapi32.dll (only on exceptions).
Corrected black background problem on the right side of the main window.
Added french language

2006-10-26 / 1.0.7
Added long filenames support.
Added portuguese language

2006-09-26 / 0.9.5
Corrected bug reading files with Unicode objects.

2006-09-25 / 0.9.4
Better message when founding a corrupted file.

2006-09-19 / 0.9.3
Added the RTF message text item on the list
Enhanced parsing
Try correcting corrupted files

2006-08-31 / 0.2
Added support for GIF and PNG Files
Added option to associate with .dat files
Corrected a minor parsing error

2006-08-29 / 0.1
Reads winmail.dat files
Allows to open the attachment files
Allows to save the attachment files
Visualizes image files (.bmp, .emf, .wmf, .jpg)

» Roadmap

  • Add as many languages as possible