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» Description

  • Open, convert and save the files on winmail.dat email attachments sent by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.
  • Easy-to-use graphic interface (no command-line tool).
  • The only that displays the original message subject and body.
  • And FREE!

Important: Winmail.dat Reader is safe! It doesn't suffer from the BadWinmail Outlook security flaw.

Easily open winmail dat files on Lotus Notes or Thunderbird!

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» Download

File Version Version Author Date Size
winmail-reader-setup.exe Windows 1.2.15 Bruno Marotta 2011-12-24 686 KB
WinmailReader.apk Android 0.5 Bruno Marotta 2012-10-13 70 KB
* Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile users should use the free online version.

If you believe that this application saved your life:

Winmail.dat or ATT0001.dat attachments are TNEF encoded files sent by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Users with other e-mail clients (like Thunderbird or Lotus Notes) or platforms (like Android, Apple, iPad or iPhone) cannot natively read the winmail.dat files. For more information on TNEF files, see our Winmail.dat files section.